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Oracle Cards & Books

The Mystical Oracle Cards are a form of divination inspired by the Gods, Goddesses, Angels or Spirit Guides. It offers prophetic predictions or guidance for the now and the future. You hold within you the power and free will of choice to change your life, circumstances and adventures if you wish.

The purpose of the Oracle Cards is not to endorse fear of the unknown but to inspire and uplift you bringing about peace and comfort when times are challenging and also at times when life is joyful.

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56 Enchanting Cards and Guidebook

Rich with substance and meaning, these cards include Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Animal Totems and Magical Insights.

The cards have captivating messages that are encouraging and motivating. The enchanting and mythical images by Josephine Wall capture Gaye’s inspirational messages and bring the words to life. The guidebook instructs you on how to use the cards, to give an accurate reading on yourself and others. Created for you, to enjoy a magical heartfelt experience.

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One night as I sat on a rock in 1992, I looked up into the stars and prayed that my life represent a purpose. As a young mother of two small boys, I wanted to help the less fortunate and in turn teach my children to have virtuous values.

Angel Visit

Three years later, I was sitting at my desk doing marketing for specialized health mattresses when all of a sudden I had an amazing heightened sense of awareness that I had never experienced before. This was a very new, yet captivating feeling. I heard soothing voices within me — beautiful, gentle and reassuring. It readily gave me a feeling of calmness and serenity. I did not realize it at that time, but this was an Angel visit. This was the answer to my prayer three years earlier, and the beginning of my journey with the Angels.

During this Angel visit, I was told to write. Instead, I drew the symbol of an Angel with wings. The Angels asked me to create the awareness of the powerful forces that control our being’s. They told me that there is more than one force, which is energy. As I was not a spiritual or religious person back then, if you had used the words energy, spirit or consciousness to me, I would have given you a blank stare. It was an experience so extraordinary that after the Angels left, I ran around the local park in my stiletto heels because I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Months later, I realized I had acquired a profound sense of perception. My intuitive and enlightened sensibilities were developing. I found myself designing and reworking wheelchair cushions and pillows for those suffering from chronic pain and life-threatening burns on their bodies. I was working with the Angels to bring about some pain relief and comfort. I was not qualified to undertake such work, but it just happened.

Angel Power

I worked the symbol that the Angels inspired me to draw into a gold pendant, which I wore proudly around my neck. I asked a minister if he could tell that the design was an angel, but he instead pointed out the fish in the middle of the wings. He explained that the symbol stands for several meanings: “Halo for Hope”, “Fish for Peace”, and “Wings for Love”. He asked me if I knew what I was dealing with, and I said no. I honestly did not. But I knew I had a mission to fulfill. Angel Power then came into being, and I traveled around Australia to do readings, workshops and teachings about Angels. Naturally, the symbol that I drew became the symbol of Angel Power.

Personal Challenges

My personal life took on a tumultuous change years after I had established Angel Power. I was lost, alone and afraid, but my internal wisdom told me to hang on tight as the changes were necessary. I had to let go of Angel Power. My youngest son, Tom, was diagnosed with depression, chronic anxiety and agoraphobia, a condition that makes my son anxious when placed in unfamiliar environments. He never left the house. This was the most confronting and challenging dilemma I have ever been charged with.

After my divorce and life change, my new partner suggested that I take a year off working to take care of my son. I spent time with him, took him to the gym, changed his diet and found the greatest doctor in the world for him after consulting with so many. Tom had not attended school in five years, so together we enrolled in a college to study health and fitness. We went to school together everyday. Thanks to Dan Milman and his book, “The Peaceful Warrior”, we were able to battle this challenge as a strong family. Now he is a healthy and happy functioning adult attending university.

Back on Track

The universe has rearranged itself to get my life back on track. With the guidance of the Angels, I will inspire you once again with a beautiful card deck and all the magical pieces that we have created. Angel Power is back to continue what it had started.

Together with a team of highly skilled, committed people and my two sons, we have established Angel Power Foundation to assist those working directly with the less fortunate children in underdeveloped countries. This is the answer to my prayer uttered 20 years ago, and it is now becoming a reality, thanks to the power of Angels!

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