Gaye's Personal Consultations/Reading

Are insightful, powerful and she delivers messages from spirit to assist in empowering you to meet life's challenges, make positive changes, take leadership role in your life. Gaye endeavors to empower you to believe in yourself, take control of your destiny, let go and let God. Gaye shows you how to trust in the power of the universe and the angels to lead you one step at a time to a happier and healthier you.

How Gaye receives the messages:

You — the seeker have the power of free-will,
to make the choices that are right for you.
Nothing is set in concrete.

You always have a choice! You are in control of your destiny!

Believe in Yourself

cardBackReadings are conducted with your present mental and emotional energy. You are in charge of your destiny, you hold within you the power and the free will to change your life, circumstances and adventures as you wish. It is up to you "The Seeker" to determine what is right for you at the time of the reading. The universe works in mysterious ways to bring about your desires and create the magic.


$80 for 1hour reading
Email or Call Gaye to Book:
+61 433 079 076