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About Us

The Angel Power Exclusive Mission

To inspire, uplift, nurture and empower the human spirit, through the medium of Angels.

About Us

Angel Power’s initial inception was in 1996. A business designed around the Angel Power Symbol, about Love, Hope and Peace. As reflected in the products, it has been created to delight and inspire those who wear or own an Angel Power piece.

Angel Power has been created and founded by Gaye who is always playing and connecting with her Angels. Gaye talks to her Angels every day, as they are always by her side helping her create magical, inspirational products for you to delight in. Gaye has been teaching about Angels and Psychic development in her Angel Workshops and conducting readings since 1999. Due to some life changes she took a break for a few years, but is now back with the Angels and ready to fly again.

Angel Power Symbol

The Angel Power Symbol is authentically unique in its design and has a powerful message of LOVE, HOPE and PEACE. Wings for Love, Halo for Hope and Fish for Peace. The fish shape is in the middle of the wings and is an ancient Christian symbol (Ichthys Ictus).

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